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Chocolate free Easter for the littlies

Not all little people are old enough or enjoy chocolate so family and friends are often stumped at Easter about what to give instead.

Here is my round up on the web’s best chocolate free gifts to give this easter to make any child happy, regardless of age.

CuteHeads is a line of adorable, comfy clothing that both parents and children will love. It can sometimes be a challenge, getting your little one dressed in the morning. We aim to make it as simple as possible by giving your child options he or she can easily ask for. When you hear your little one say, ‘Mom, I want to wear the lion today,’ then we know we’ve done our job. We aim to help you give your child the independence to dress him or herself while looking as cute as can be.

Here is my top 2 gifts from Cuteheads,



Gorgeous organic cotton dog paw top knot head band, $12



Gorgeous rabbit print organic nappy covers, $20

Born on Bowery, Inc. was established in 2013 with a simple mission of handcrafting beautiful clothing and accessories for children. We debuted with a collection for girls, ages 2 – 6, and plan to offer infant apparel in the near future.
Each piece is handmade in New York City, with special attention paid to garment construction. We employ couture finishes, where possible, to ensure the highest quality and longevity, since we hope each piece will be worn many times, shared with siblings, and become a treasured part in your child’s wardrobe.
Beautiful fabrics, prints and trims inspire us, and we do our best to make each collection special. We produce garments in limited editions, so you are guaranteed to always find new and fresh designs. Many pieces we make are one-of-a-kind, because we like the idea that your child, and your child alone, will be wearing it.
Here is my top 2 from this gorgeous little boutique,
These gorgeous little jewelled barrettes are adorable, $12
I love their little skirts with their funky fabrics and pom pom trim, $86
For beautiful British made clothing and accessories check out Millimanu , all of the garments in this season’s collection are designed and made here in the UK using only the finest natural fabrics. It also allows us to use the skills of talented craftsman and specialist manufacturers here in the UK, while reducing the environmental footprint of each product. With this in mind, we try to source responsibly and are working hard towards ensuring all of the materials we use are produced, fairly, ethically, sustainably and close to home so they positively benefit local economies as well as the environment.
My top 2 are just to die for!
These beautiful customised friendship bracelets, £29
The gorgeous Buster Bunny, £19 with proceeds going to children’s charity Kids Company to support vulnerable and hungry children in Britain.
The home of beautiful British gifts, Two Ducks.Many of the gifts we offer are not widely found on the high street and are lovingly handmade by talented artisans working from small studios and workshops.

All our products offer the same high quality and exceptional design that demonstrate the huge range of creative talent that exists in this country.

We believe that a good gift should say something about the giver as well as the receiver and that your home, family and friends deserve nothing less than the best of British.

Here is my top 2 gifts,

This gorgeous handmade oak pull along duck, £18
I love these adorable little egg cups made from sustainable solid oak, £12.50
I hope you love my Easter egg free round up. Which will you choose for the little people in your life this Easter?



Chocolate Free Easter

A few years ago I was asked to write a post about alternatives to chocolate eggs for children, we as a family haven’t received or given chocolate eggs for many years now and I can’t help but wonder if this is more wide spread than I thought so I thought I’d create a showcase of some of the wonderful alternatives to chocolate eggs to give this easter and they aren’t just for kids!

First up is The Calm Gallery selling beautiful prints, postcards and tea towels. My personal favourites are;


You’re a Good Egg print by Laura Seaby £25

This super print from Laura Seaby has been letterpressed in two colours in a limited edition of 100 signed and numbered prints.

Packed full of intricate and pretty patterns this little print would make a lovely gift for anyone who is a good egg.

Limited edition of 100, Signed & numbered by the artist, Two colour letterpress print, Heavy white textured paper and measures  297mm by 210mm (11¾ by 8¼ in).


You are the Brightest Star Tea Towel by Hazel Nicholls £10

‘You are the brightest star’, an absolutely adorable tea towel designed by Hazel Nicholls.

This gorgeous design has been screen printed in midnight blue ink onto a natural cotton tea towel.

The perfect treat for your shining star!

Natural cotton,  Screen printed in midnight blue,  With hanging loop,  and measures 760mm by 480mm (30 by 19 in).

Next up is Atlas and I.  A beautiful and unique gift company that specialises in using antique maps in unsual and exciting ways.

My picks from here are;


This stunning Sail boat over the Isle of Wight or personalised with any other location. Available in a black or white frame size 12 x 14 inches.  prices start at £75.


This gorgeous genuine leather iPhone 5 case with closing tab and personalised to any location in Great Britain. Handmade at £90.

Next we have some funky jewellery,


This awesome Fish and chips Necklace is by AMuse Fashions and is £25. Something for the young at heart perhaps.

If you are looking for something a little more ‘traditional’ but with a cute twist try this gorgeous Sea Glass Bracelet, also £25.


Clea Silk are another place to stop if your shopping for that jewellery lover, their collections are beautiful and I specifically love their tassel collection, its fun and easy to wear and goes with anything.

Bracelet-5 large-1

These cute bracelets are just £25 and there are matching items available.

Now something for the fashion lover, FSL Clothing.

These gorgeous jumpers come in at £120 but are stunning,

photo (90) FSL5

Perfect for that fussy teenager in your life that is clearly far to old for chocolate eggs!

Or how about nail wraps,


These floral beauties are a mere £6.65, cheaper than a trip to the nail bar! AND look beautiful on something for young or old alike.

Fancy a chilled glass of Rosé, a fresh aromatic Riesling or a smooth Chardonnay but want to cut back on the alcoholic units?

Simply switch your usual bottle of wine for Eisberg non alcoholic wine and experience the real taste of wine, without the alcohol and with only a third of the calories.

New Eisberg range

 Eisberg alcohol-free wine is made in exactly the same way as your favourite wine, but with one difference.  At the end of the process the alcohol is gently removed using one of the world’s most advanced processes, leaving all of the flavours of the wine, but none of the alcohol.

 There are four varietals in the range: A refreshingly aromatic Riesling, a crisp Chardonnay, a juicy succulent Rosé and a fruity red Cabernet Sauvignon.

 Suitable as an accompaniment dining with friends, or enjoying on its own, Eisberg contains 0.05% alcohol and only 34 calories per 125 ml glass, making it a great alternative to calorie laden booze.

 Eisberg’s alcohol-free range of wine can help combat the cravings, so if you fancy the real taste sensation of your favourite wine, you don’t have to go without.

 The full range is available in Morrisons and selected varieties in Asda, Waitrose, RRP £3.50. 

Perfect for the none drinkers or calories conscious, a product review for the wine will be coming soon.

I hope this has inspired some of you to step out their comfort zone and buy something unique and long lasting this Easter.


La Chic Unique for 2012 and COMP

Ive been wanting to step away from ‘Handmade Jewellery’ for some time now but i haven’t been 100% convinced that i would be able to compete in the vintage market alone as there, like handmade, is so much competition even though you are never going to find 2 pieces exactly the same!
So thinking about what i enjoy doing on my down days have decided to go with a Curio site, selling everything from jewellery, to clothes, to collectables and children’s books and toys etc, anything thats pretty pre 1980 and lots of fun!!!
And to top that off we will be officially stocking Vintage Life Magazine!! How exciting!! And don’t forget this months mag subscription offer is our FABULOUS ‘Secret Garden’ Necklace!!
What i would love you to do, my lovely readers is come up with a fabulous new tag line for the website, ideally using the word CURIO.
The comp will be open for 1 week from today and the winner will receive a goody bag stuffed with jewellery and other goodies!!
Comment below to be entered!!!!
Good Luck and tell EVERYONE you know!!

L xx

Your Kent Wedding – Front Page!!!

This year we have provided jewellery for a few wedding shoots and the very lovely Carol and Tony from AphroditeNet Weddings have got a stunning image from their shoot on the front page of Your Kent Wedding Magazine!!!
What a way to send out 2011 but on the front cover of a Wedding Magazine!! Heres to 2012 and many more opportunities 🙂

You can find AphroditeNet Weddings on Facebook here
Have a very Merry Christmas everyone!

L xx

Stage 1 of ‘operation life in order’

Don’t we all find life so much easier when we all just go with the flow and never fight against the current?
For the majority of my life, including my childhood with a bossy, ‘ i know best’ mother I’ve always gone along with the whatever was the easy life and now I’m fast approaching 30 its dawned on me that well, Why the chuff should i?! (yes i censored that!)
So after a very successful SENCO meeting t school this morning, even is half the people that should of been there didn’t bother to turn up, it seemed to focus me on what i WANT to be doing not what i think everyone else wants me to do.
Ive booked a carpet cleaner for the lounge ( not the first thing you expected me to say I’m sure, but its LONG over due and well i don’t really want to recarpet!)
I have booked me and zoe onto a toddlers music class on a monday afternoon.
I have booked elissa and emma onto a dance and drama class for children with special needs, yes you heard right! i FINALLY found something that will take emma without encouragement and that will take lis too, regardless!!!
Ive finished my Curiosity Project box.
Wrote a letter.
Sorted 3 birthdays that are due over the next month, including cards and is all wrapped and ready to go.
Ive started replanning interiors for the house again.
And I’ve found a holiday for Jan at a BARGAIN price that i will be rushing to book on fri!
And now you are all sat there thinking “WTF was all that fuss about!!”
Well for someone that tends to drift with the tide i feel VERY proud of myself that I’ve actually done something about the back log of “things to do..”
Now all thats left is my REAL life!! Still firmly got my heart set on Baby Sign Teacher but I’m worried for the outlay that i won’t get the people in good ol’ sunny blackpool, to buy into it.
Ive even reconsidered my passion for teaching but knowing how hard my friend found it getting a job it puts me off taking the plunge into teacher training.
As much as i love making jewellery its not a “real” business, its just a hobby that inadvertently makes me some spending money and no matter how hard i try to convince myself that in 5 years people will shop my “brand” i know its one of those far flung dreams we will never reach. The market is flooded with competition and to be honest, no matter how low my prices are and however ‘unique’ my look is, i will never be able to compete with the high street. We still aren’t at a time where people prefer to shop online for those ‘impulse’ buys that jewellery is mostly consisted of.
So heres me trying to move away from all the drama, ill happily keep the shop open and let it tick over, doing orders now and again and fulfilling my wholesalers orders but other than that my heart just isn’t truly in it any more. It makes me sad knowing i “work” so many hrs a week trying to make it work when clearly it just isn’t going to. Im not completely disappointed, i know i did all this all by myself, with no funding or business help and I’m proud of that fact, and its been fun it truly has but i really don’t want to kid myself any longer.
Stage 2 will be finding my perfect profession. Any advice greatly appreciated!!!

L x

Aphrodite Wedding Shoot

Last week was the shoot with Aphrodite Weddings which i provided an abundance of jewellery for from hair slides to rings, gotta over all the bases just in case!!
We have received some images back from Tony Jones Photography and they look amazing!!
So without further a do…

 Here we have an up cycled vintage necklace, that was surprisingly originally a pair of earrings.

 A gorgeous brass tone locket necklace.

 A brass and cream pearl bracelet.

And this stunner is brass with a large amber charm.

The photos look amazing and it was great taking part in such a huge shoot!!

Other business involved:

Forever Your Bridal Boutique –

Tiggy Johnson Bespoke Florist –

Tony Jones Photography –

Home Gurr’own –

Vintage Amethyst –

Idyllic Days – –

The perfect starting point for all brides to be 🙂

L xx

Repaired vintage pieces

It seems not many of you know, but La-chic-unique also undertake all kinds or costume jewellery repair work even on vintage.
Even the smallest jobs like replacing stones or fixing broken links or clasps. These are real bug bears to jewellery wears, especially costume jewellery, as the high street items aren’t generally finished off well as they are mass produced so many links will be loose and the clasps damaged before you even get to wear it but fear not, for just £1 an item to repair clasps or links this is the cheapest way of keeping hold of your treasured costume jewellery.
I also repair vintage costume jewellery, so the same again with missing stones, links and clasps, as these are the things that will break first.
I also up cycle, which means you can send me a broken piece, which is unrepairable and refashion it into something else that you can continue to love for many more years.
To utilise this service please use the contact for at La-Chic-Unique or alternatively email me at

So now you know the services i can offer you, how about checking out some up cycled vintage jewellery?

This beautiful vintage engagement ring, is sterling silver and the shank has been gold plated. there is no wear to the shank or damage. absolutely beautiful condition for its age, circa 1940.
The stones will be paste or glass (a vintage version of CZ) but are all secured into the shank with no damage.
When i bought this it has a stone missing but i have replaced it so is now clean and in tact ready to give to your vintage loving hunny or just for treating your self.
A beautiful alternative to a modern engagement ring and if it wasn’t to big for my tiny fingers you wouldn’t be getting to see it!! POA and more photos are available upon request.

Next up is a beautiful ornate silver tone hair slide. Its on the large side but has simulated pearl in the centre and some cute cabochons on both ends. One side had a missing pearl and I’ve replaced it with a contrasting blue one, looks really stunning. Perfect for a bride or brides maid, or just for the vintage lover.
£8 including postage.
Thanks for stopping by
L x

Up Cycled with @beadsmorebylois

The every so lovely Lois from Beads and more by lois, sent me some gorgeous gun metal findings to blog about and they have been sat on my work bench for a few weeks now.
As beautiful as the lovely deep grey findings are i had struggled to find the perfect accompaniment for them and the longer i looked at them the deeper my creative block become.
But after finding 3 huge bags of broken jewellery at a charity shop last week, i found THE most perfect set a damaged beads to use with them.

They are a vintage, twilight blue bead that are circa 1970 i would guess from the way they have been strung, The clasp was broken so i used this gorgeous oval spacer bead to balance out the way the beads hung and reattached a new clasp and the most amazing owl stamping.

As you can see they are short, but with all the glamour at the back it really sets off this beautiful set of strung beads, perfect for an evening event where understated but beautiful is a must!

i feel almost inclined to keep them myself, I’ve totally in love with the deep colours, makes a fabulous change from the silver , gold and brass and a fabulous addition to your A/W wardrobe.

L xx

Shiny New Shop

As some of you may know, some of you have been waiting with bated breath while the rest of you probably have no idea what I’m talking about, finally our new shop and re brand is up and running with a massive great big, bear hugging thanks to the most wonderfullest person Diddybears .

She has turned my painfully, style struggling Mr Site online store into an all singing, vintage, parisian feel wonder store with her design genius!

I can, hand on heart, honestly say i am totally in love with what she has done style wise with the shop. Especially when using the frame its exactly what i had dreamed it would be. It captures the unique beauty in my jewellery and makes it more marketable and accessible for all to see.

Its grown up but pretty and its easy to get lost browsing through the pages of up cycled and vintage jewellery i currently have for sale.

Its let me move a little further away from those like styled items on the web at the more and made it that little more unique to me.

I can now offer more than just jewellery too, gifts and vintage clothing and accessories will be coming soon. As soon as i have stock piled enough to make it worth while offering!

Possibly cake pops and cards, all handmade from other small businesses, will also be available!

This month has been quite successful in way of opportunities, even though sales have been very thin on the ground with the summer holidays in full swing!

We will be offering a subscription offer in Vintage Life Mag, which will be available around christmas time!

We have been at Earth Salon again supplying jewellery for their goody bags.

We have started working more closely with Carrot Top PR.

Our ad will be in Septs issue of the London University Guide.

And we are sending some fabulous goodies over to Daisy Green Mag for a review.

So all go here, loads of charity auction items off to be raffled off for some fabulous causes and new items in the pipe line!

So what ya waiting for, dust off your credit card and set off browsing our shiny new shop

L x

La Chic Unique in conjunction with Earth Salon

This isn’t our first encounter with Earth Salon as last month we provided some one off pieces for a fabulous bloggers event they ran.
This month was no exception with a fabulous new product, a goody bag and bags of visitors!
Heres some sneaky pics from the event.
To see our other event with Earth Salon or to see how Carrot Top PR can help your business too then pop over to Carrot Top PR