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The Greedy book

All the major retailers now have a look book or wish list that you can add too and at Christmas they are a great way to spread the news to your friends and family what you would love at the festive period.

The Greedy Book is the new kid on the block but don’t let that fool you! With its nifty button to add to your search bar when something just right catches your eye you can add it directly to your own  Greedy Book ready for all to see.

Crammed full of inspiration, The Greedy Book is a beautifully presented site over flowing with pretty items ready to get your mitts on. Create your own Greedy Book right here alternatively check out the beginnings of my very own Greedy Book right here .


Described as the home of the wish list, they’re an amazing discovery platform that provides you with your very own corner of the internet to collate your ultimate wish list, an eclectic mixture of your favourite things. The great thing about this as opposed to Pinterest is that it’s intended for things that you actually want rather than just simply think are pretty! There’s also a whole host of inspiration there if you’re stuck for ideas.
We know what it’s like to have to pull that polite “I love it smile” when inside you know the gift will never be used. The Greedy Book allows you and your loved ones to collate the things you love all year round so that when it comes to the time to buy a gift, everyone ends up with personal, thoughtful gifts and no disappointed smiles.
The Greedy Book concept was developed by sisters Millie and Charlie, who were inspired by their sister-in-law who kept an actual ‘Greedy Book’, to note down each of her family members dream gifts and favourite trends to make it easier when it came to buying them presents. The ladies wanted to take The Greedy Book concept and expand it online, along with other exciting services, and useful tools, so that no family or group of friends ever has to struggle again when it comes to buying gifts for each other.

Id love to hear about all the pretty things that you would choose!


Poundland Santa Blogger challenge

Poundland Blogger Challenge.
When I was asked if I would like to take part in the Poundland blogger Challenge, I was really excited to see what goodies I could find, as I’m sure we all do, I love a good browse around our local Poundland as you can stumble across some really lovely items, not just toys and gifts but homewards as well.
So with £20 in my pocket, which in fact I honestly thought I’d struggle to spend, i braved the cold and headed to town, was like Christmas Day!!
I came back stocked to the brim with stocking fillers, craft items, chocolate, wrapping paper and the like!
I got the girls each a polly pocket doll for their stocking, they collect these and the little animals that go with them and they have so much fun with them, and because of their size you can take them anywhere!
The crayons where from making handmade candles at our community centre group, the outcome of that is not to be repeated!
I literally couldn’t resist this gorgeous wool and 3 balls for £2 is a steal! Thats next years scarfs sorted for gifts.
The window clings, snow flakes and scandi stars are just beautiful and have really topped off our christmas decorations!
The fake snow was for making snow globes, also at our community group which now sit pride of place on our fireplace.
I couldn’t resist some goodies to munch on, the bakewells where for my hubby, they where inhaled in less than a day and the Toffifee where a birthday present to myself!
I also bought 3 giant sacks for the girls christmas presents and a roll of matching wrapping paper, 2 bottles of bleach, some glitter and some printer paper.
I had so much fun taking part in this challenge and will defiantly not miss out on checking Poundland for some gifts when birthdays come back around.

Saturday Make

With it being the last Saturday before Christmas i wanted to take things easy and slob out in front of the TV but my creativity got the better of me and before lunch time i just couldn’t sit still so i raided my stash of “don’t wear so need to refashion” pile and grabbed a few tops and tshirts and my bag full of fabric pens and paint that the lovely folk over at bottletoppr sent me and i got to work.
First i printed out some silhouettes of anything i could find that took my fancy and i used my craft knife to cut out a stencil.
i then just kinda went with it…

 Silver deer
 Black Doctor Who 
 I free handed this after seeing a tshirt i want with this printed on, it hasn’t turned out as well as i had hoped though.
 Red gloss moustaches
 silver deer to the side
 Purple top hat and bow tie with a silver moustache
Glitter silver bowler hats

This is such a fun and inexpensive craft, you can make or customise your own clothes or buy a plain cheap scarf or shawl and print something on it for gifts, you could even go as far as socks and underwear if your creative talent runs pretty deep 🙂
I also cant wait to let the kids go wild with this on some plain tshirts.

L xx Gifts – A What, Why, Who and When

 We are all on the look out for unique gifts, especially when we hear there is a new baby on the way or those all important first birthdays come whizzing around.
Even more so now in the current economic climate we choose to spend our money more wisely on gifts that will last, and are utterly gorgeous!
well look no further than Sarah and Anna at gifts, i caught up with them for a chat about why they run this particular business..

Who are you?
Well there’s an ‘About Us’ section on our website that tells you exactly who we are, but in short – we’re two Mums that have started a business while doing all the other superhuman things that are expected of first time Mums. We are two ordinary people, from ordinary backgrounds (OK so Sarah’s background is a little mixed up having grown up in Germany but apart from that she’s…oh OK so Anna’s from a normal background anyway), who have never owned or started a business before that decided to take on all these things while being first time Mums.

Like all good stories ours started over a cup of tea (Anna) / coffee (Sarah) and like all good heroines – we’re both a little crazy.


What do you do?
We promote and sell heirloom baby and children’s gifts on our website We have searched all over the world to bring a treasury of wonderful gifts together. Our gifts are usually handmade and one of a kind, and unlike mass produced toys are designed to last years of use. This means that a u-ni-k gift can be played with by your little one, your little one’s little one and so on. We hope that most of our toys are played with by children and grandchildren alike.

What are your favourite products that you stock?

Sarah – If you’d asked me this last year my answer would have been quick and easy – our Red Shuktara blanket!! However, we now have the lovely Susan from FatHenandFlo making memory quilts for us and so my answer is now our FatHenandFlo memory quilt. Kathryn’s quilt is made up from a selection of my old maternity clothes, her first baby clothes and a selection of pieces that her Granny and Nana gave her. It’s soft and cuddly and full of memories already.

Anna – I am also a avid Shuktara fan…who isn’t! We are expecting a new delivery any day! I am very excited! However, at the moment I LOVE the Annafie liberty print dresses. I have a picture of Ida wearing hers at a family function while playing with her Grandma’s blusher brush. I love the picture and adore the dress. Such a treasured moment. When the dress becomes too small I’ll wrap it up with a copy of the photo, put it in her treasure box and save it till she is a Mum and my granddaughter can wear it.

Sarah – The Victoria Plum pictures. I was lucky enough to find Colin Petty selling the last remaining Victoria Plum original sketches for one of her books and was able to persuade him to sell them through u-ni-k. These wonderful pictures don’t photograph very well, but in real life their colours are amazing and bring back memories of long summers playing in the woods.

Anna – I am actually very fond of Freddie bunny that Sarah penned with her own hands. He is a very handsome bunny that would be beautiful on any nursery wall. Sarah has captured his little spirit perfectly. A little on the greedy side and happy to munch through anyone’s vege patch.  A very naughty bunny! Both Sarah and I are mad about bunny rabbit’s

Sarah – We have one of the horse coatracks. It’s up in the hallway at a height that Kathryn can reach. It’s really pretty and looks like something out of a magazine with her little coats hung on it and tiny wellies kicked off underneath them.

Anna – This is easy. By far the new rainbow makers. I love the way Ida’s catches the light during the late afternoon sunshine. The colours dancing on the walls astound and encourage her to play with the shapes and colours they create. She chases, pats and tries to catch them as they dance on her walls. They amaze her until the sun goes in. Sam’s rainbow maker catches the light during the morning sunshine. He is happily entertained, dancing with his hands, with the pretty colours streaming through the curtains, meaning that he lets us get a little lie in! On sunny days anyway!

Ceramic / Silverware
Sarah – Mine has to be the silver fingerprint charm. I spent some time trying to extract a fingerprint out of a 6m old squiggly baby… and I’m now the proud owner of a lovely charm with a very small indent and fingerprint on it.

Anna – I ordered “the naughty” a hand thrown and hand painted porcelain Breakfast set for her birthday. It consists of two bowls in two different shapes, and a beaker for juice. Each has an images of Ida and her favourite companion Mr Elephant on. I hope she will treasure it as much as I do. The cup is my favourite with a naughty Mr Elephant sitting happily on it! The set is something she can keep for ever and pass down to her children. *Photo available once the item is available for sale*

A massive thank you to the girls for sharing with us their favourite, currently anyway, pieces available on their fabulous website.

You can while away your hours here gifts
Alternativly email Anna direct

Alternatives to Chocolate Eggs this Easter

Not another Easter egg?! Give something different this Easter!

We all know that Easter eggs don’t take long for kids to munch through and all the chocolate often leaves little ones tired after a sugar rush. Thankfully, re:creation has the perfect answer for alternative gifts this Easter.

With pocket-sized favourites like Moshi Monsters™ and the all new Dinowaurs™, as well as hot new wheels from the Razor range, there are Easter treats to suit every wallet from 99p to £50!

Moshi Monsters…

Girls and boys alike will love Moshi Monsters wearable accessories, launching in time for Easter. Items in the new range include Moshi Monsters Keychains (SRP £3.99) and the Moshi Monsters Zippsters (SRP £1.49), perfect to hang from any zip on school bags, pencil cases or clothes! Kids can also go back to school with glee with handfuls of Moshling Charmlings to swap, love and attach to their Moshi Monsters Charmling Bands (SRP £2.99). As each pack contains a wristband and 2 Moshling Charmlings, this is one accessory range which is sure not to break the bank! Available from all good stockists.


Boys will love the hottest new playground craze – Dinowaurs (SRP £1.99, Tesco). A unique battle game with a dinosaur figure, information card and battle card in each pack, this game is sure to keep them entertained all Easter! Available from all good stockists.

Ickee Stikeez…

Ickee Stikeez (SRP from £0.99, Amazon, Sainsbury’s) is an amazing collection of squishy, squeezy, wacky miniature creatures that stick to almost anything! Sure to keep your little ones entertained through Easter lunch, kids will love finding places to stick these little critters. Available from all good stockists.

Delight them with LEGO® Lifestyle products…

re:creation’s LEGO® licensed range is sure to be popular this Easter, with a range of fun products including lights and clever decorating solutions.

The hugely successful LEGO® Lights collection would brighten up any child’s Easter, If your little one is a secret Ninja, why not give the LEGO Ninjago keylight (SRP £6.99, John Lewis) this Easter.
Unleash the power of the dark side with the Darth Vader Key Light (SRP £6.99, Tesco) or the Darth Vader Torch with its super detachable lightsaber (SRP £19.99, Smyths). Homework will never be a chore with the spectacular Darth Vader Desk Lamp with LED lightsaber and handy USB power supply (SRP £34.99).
Kids of all ages are sure to love re:creation’s ranges of LEGO Wall Stickers available now. Ready to brighten up bedroom walls everywhere are characters from the LEGO Ninjago (SRP £9.99, Amazon), LEGO Classic (SRP £9.99, Next) and LEGO City ranges (Small – SRP £9.99, Amazon, Large – SRP £19.99, Next). So much easier than a coat of paint or wrestling with wallpaper – these stickers are easy to use, just peel and go!

There seriously is so much out there that is as affordable as a chocolate egg that will last so much longer and wont give you a tummy ache! So think about your purchase this easter ..

L xx

New Products

So to lift the mood after the aftermath of moaning I’ve spent the day jotting down ideas and sketching (I’ve not picked up a pencil to draw in over 10 years!!) and I’ve decided that i am going to design and make some little branded gifts for the website.
i was thinking some cute hand printed wrapping paper and cards that can be bought for a few quid with jewellery that’s for gifts at check out.
i also thought about some cute button magnets, a pack of 4 possibly for a few pound.
Maybe some little cross stitch badges
Also i thought a pin cushion, i have a fab idea with cross stitch for one.
Maybe some silk screen printed tshirts/vest tops, knickers and socks.
And lastly some writing paper.
All in a new skool tattoo style working with the swallow and roses theme, adding in the odd cameo etc. All stamped with Chic Unique so its ‘official’ stock. All will be very affordable but takes the shop that step further into a boutique as we are diversifying .
Would love to hear your comments about this as it will be a lot of work making up large amount of stock etc.
Thanks guys

L xx