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Foodie Friday – Eve’s pudding


Eve’s pudding has become a family favourite in our house but I literally fell across it about 8 or so years agony accident when looking for a pastry-less fruit pie ( the husband hates pastry ).

I didn’t know what it was at the time but hearing it combined the awesomeness of a crumble but with a cake top, whats not to love?!

So here’s what you need if you want to give it a try yourself.

Fruit of your choice. (Its traditionally made with apple’s hence the name but any fruit will and does work, its particularly nice with apple and strawberries)

A simple cake recipe, I use a simple one:

100g caster sugar

100g self raising flour

100g butter or margarine

1 large egg or 1 small egg and a splash of milk

Line your cake dish with fruit, if you are using apples sprinkle with brown sugar (white works just as well its just for taking the bite from the fruit)

Mix up your cake recipe as normal then pour on top of your fruit then bake in a pre heated oven at about 160 for around 45 mins or until cooked through.

Leave to cool then cut and serve with a topping of your choice. Custard is always a firm fave but spray cream or ice cream in the summer is always welcome or just as it comes.

What fruit will you use for yours? Share your own versions below.


Sloppy Joes

For my first EVER Foody Friday post I thought I’d jump in with a family favourite of ours which is sloppy joes. Some of you may not of heard of it, its an American dish consisting mainly of mince, so this can be made for vegetarians with a mince substitute like Quorn.



500g of Mince ( this will feed 5 of us with a little spare for burritos for the day after so you may want to only use half or just get a 250g pack )

Handful of Mushrooms

An onion

Peppers (Any colour is fine)

Garlic Powder

BBQ sauce




Chop up the veg and fry it off in a pan with some oil.

Add the mince, whilst this is browning add 2 tsp of garlic powder and mix in

In a small bowl or a jug with cup measurements on put half and half of the BBQ sauce and Ketchup and mix together.

Once the mince and veg are cooked to your liking, stir in the sauce.

Once all the meat and veg is covered turn the heat down to simmer and allow to do so for approx 20 mins.

This could also be made in a slow cooker.

Serve with chips and garlic bread, or in buns as a deconstructed burger, or however you fancy it. Our fave is with potato wedges and garlic bread.

Mother’s Day gift ideas that say I Love You!

Mother’s Day is always a tricky one for me. My mum hates all that soppy stuff like stuffed animals and bunches of flowers, I get it, they can come across like empty gestures so I always try and either create her something or go safe and buy her a vintage pinnie or piece of jewellery. So if you, like me are starting to panic just a week from Mothers Day of what to buy their mum then check out my top picks for meaningful and long lastings heart felt gifts with none of that soppiness!

Benedict’s Bakery,  are focused on providing bespoke baking gifts with the highest levels of customer satisfaction and  will do everything they can to meet your expectations. With a variety of offerings to choose from, from gluten free pancakes to brownie mixes, there is something for everyone here.


I chose the brownie mix with personalisation and wooden spoon, £8.99. Such a simple yet thoughtful gift with something left over to treasure for years to come.

For all those eco friendly mums out there, stop by Spirit of Nature. They have some amazing gifts everything from high end to pocket money, you are sure to find something very special here.


This stunning perisian wool scarf is perfect, £25.95.

For something a little quirky and fun for mum this Mother’s Day check out Oakdene Designs Fairy Cottage Door wall sticker set.


You can find them on Not on the High Street, £12

If your mum loves jewellery why now check out Two Ducks, this adorable bunny brooch is hand made and totally adorable!



Available at Two Ducks, £12

How about this adorable rabbit wood clock, practical AND beautiful, who wouldn’t be made up to open this next Sunday?!



Available from Tigerlilly Quinn, on sale at just £6.99.

Alternatively, this stunning fox dress is just divine!



Made from 100% cotton and guaranteed to get you noticed, £28.00.

I hope this little round up has inspired you to go forth and make Mother’s Day epic for the special lady in your life.

Which would you choose?

Organix Toddler Meals – Review

We have had the privilege of reviewing Organix Toddler Meals on several occasions over the years and they never disappoint.


The new additions consisting of soups and Mighty Meals is a real bonus for us. I have 3 very fussy eaters and at those times when I’m cooking something that not all of them will eat Organix come to my rescue, riding in on a white horse  *swoons*.


They are quick and easy to prepare, just a minute in the microwave,  and even though they are considered ready meals I know what I’m putting inside them is only going to do them good. They are perfect for taking to restaurants  or to friends when I know they are gonna be fussy about whats on offer. Some of them can even be eaten cold, which for very impatient little people is a major selling point.

My youngest has never been convinced these style of children’s meals, she’s more of a chicken nugget  kinda girl, but our middle daughter loves them to bits! She loves having the opportunity to choose her own meal and I know the portion size is just right and there are none of those nasties loitering about inside. We are yet to come across one that she doesn’t like!

The new fruit gummies where a massive hit, even with my 9 year old! Let’s just say they didn’t see out the day.



They are all big fans of  real fruit gummies and these are no exception! Full of flavour and kind to little bods you can’t go wrong. And a reassuring smile there from the Soil Association.

Organix have done it again with their wide range of choice and new additions, thumbs up from all here!

If you want to check out Organix new range of Todder Meals and snacks you can find them all here .

*All the meals where provided free of charge but all opinions are my own*


New Year New goals

While most people are busy setting their new years resolutions, only to break them 2 weeks in to jan, I’ve spent the last 2 months thinking carefully about what i want to get from this new year.
At first i mostly thought about the business and where i wanted to take it into the new year, this has taken up the most of my thought power. I originally assumed that i wanted big things from 2012 and my small business, on quiet reflection, and after the 2 weeks of down time with the family I’m not convinced this is at all what i wanted.
Yeah sure i want to try new crafts and create pretty things but to sell? Hmmm I’m not to sure! i’m proud of what I’ve achieved over the last 12 months, especially with no time, money or experience but after the initial thought that id be able to make some kind of living from it I’ve decided that it will be taking a back seat. Yeah ill be evolving the business, there will be new stock and i WONT be hanging up my tools just yet, but it will be back to free time and if and when and more about the enjoyment instead of the hope ill make some money.
(my brain just took a massive sigh of relief now I’ve finally wrote that down!!)

My time and energy will be filtered into my home and my family and the hope i can change how we live.
Homeschooling is a pure joy and the girls are learning way beyond my expectations already and i want to grab that tighter and really instil a love of learning about the world. Expect more educational visits, bedraggled kids and tired parents! hahaha

Ive also decided that this year will be more about what we have and what we NEED not what we want. Im meal planning seasonally and will be shopping locally, the supermarkets, where humanly possible are officially BANNED!! Today will be my first visit to the greengrocer and butchers since 2009 when we moved miles away from any!! yes i can see this may be an issue but whats a short bus ride for produce grown and made in this country, i don’t want to see the high street vanish all because its EASIER to walk to the end of the street for some potatoes.

Im also planning not to buy the girls toys or clothes at retail. We have that many toys we could stock Toys R Us anyway, and the majority haven’t seen the light of day since we got them so with careful down sizing of the multiple toy boxes will provide a nice array or fun and educational toys and much less for me to tidy away!

Clothes wise we are lucky to have all girls within a few years of each other as we can easily pass clothes down the line. Apart from underwear, and shoes for the eldest we don’t really need to buy brand new clothes anyway. Where i can’t pass down i already buy from charity shops and ebay so that over the last 6 months has already saved a fortune and now armed with the cutest vintage sewing patterns, and some fab quick and easy tutorials for making wardrobe staples we shouldn’t really need to step foot in a children’s clothes shop ever again! (this makes my purse very happy)

We already use the library and charity shops for books, and sport a rather extensive children’s library (maybe i could lend out books to the local kids for 10p a book!!!) which is an absolute god send!

Cooking, which I’ve grown to love over the last few years will now be ran like a military operation and all meals will be seasonal and cooked in bulk so i can batch freeze meals for when that overwhelming urge to have a take away takes hold.

Childrens tv will be limited to an hr at lunch and a dvd or two in the afternoon, hopefully in keeping with the topic of the week to make the most of our learning experience!

Crafting will become a more family affair, the girls have requested to learn what mummy does (how exciting!!)  they have asked to make their own toys and accessories for said toys and this i fully intend to make the most of. Not only does it save money, it gives them a skill they wouldn’t have learnt other wise and ignites their imagination to create something they can’t find elsewhere and means they can make their friends birthday and christmas presents. HOORAY!

Even though our handmade christmas, for others, went down like a barrel of snot i don’t intend to give in and start buying gifts again. I more than enjoyed the whole experience and felt that what we gave where more personal to the receivers and i had hoped they would treasure them more than thoughtless shop bought gifts but it turns out i have ungrateful family and friends that just went “yeah thanks” or just completely bypassed the whole saying thank you of receiving, I am, after being slightly heartbroken about the whole thing, considering not even making gifts for anyone but our immediate family this year, i would really appreciate some feedback on this this, i am completely torn!!

i hope to blog more! The last 8 months i have been undertaking a ‘ nothing new for a year’ challenge to try to change my clothes shopping habits. Its not been plane sailing but i haven’t bought more than a handful of brand new items this year and in fact haven’t really bought many clothes at all. Trouble is i started out with great intentions of blogging most days and having tutorials for makes etc but somehow i managed to loose inspiration or whatever a few months in and I’ve popped in and out with some ramblings and that was that.

Finally our home, which is still half a house! We have lived here for 2 years in 2 weeks, and hardly any of it has been decorated how i wanted or what makes it a home for us. Upstairs hasn’t even been touched and the magnolia walls and cream carpets is starting to send me la la! The lounge is being redecorated over the next few months, the hall and downstairs loo is nice, they just need finishing touches to bring us into it. The kitchen is almost how i want it, pale pink and cosy but still needs those touches to complete it then maybe ill finally relax and live here instead of exsisting!  Then outside will get the finishing touches, red door complete with vintage door knocker, gated drive, roses round the door and a handmade door number on the wall (we keep getting lost… apparently!)

So yes i have made plans for 2012 but they aren’t exactly what i originally thought they would be! i thought it’d be all books and plans and meetings and ‘selling myself’, instead its jumping in muddy puddles, painting, expanding our knowledge and laughing. I hope you’ll agree i chose the better option!!

Heres to 2012 and that you all laugh more, love more, experience more and most importantly LIVE! Life is cruelly short and the best of the people we know are cruelly snatched away before we have the time to appreciate them fully for who they are, so take the ones you love, hold them close, tell them you love them then tell each other crappy jokes til your ribs hurt cos memories they last a life time!!

L xx

cookie receipe courtesy of the lovely @JayneJRead

4oz butter
4oz brown sugar
1 tbsp golden syrup
6oz self raising flour
30z of goodies

Pre heat the oven at 180′ and bake the cookies for 12 mins.
mix butter and sugar then add the syrup and mix
add half of the flour
then add goodies then once combined add the rest of the flour
separate into approx 14 balls but do not flatten as they will spread.
once cooled you will have perfectly soft centred cookies

Thanks jayne cant wait to give this a try 🙂


Post 1 of homemade year

This could possibly be cheating slightly (i baked last night with emma as she couldnt wait until today!)
But my first post is in homage to cooking….
Me and Emma made this beautiful caramel and choc cake!
its a simple reciepe of 3 eggs, 4oz caster sugar, 4oz butter, and 4oz flour. i then put in to big spoond full of caramel and chocolate spread
i think it was a little to wet as it took a little longer than normal to bake but tastes divine.
i spread caramel on top then melted choc and caramel shavings, then popped it in the fridge to set. Why dont you give it a try!!