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New Year, home makeover

It’s a spanking new year and this year I made a vow to not make any resolutions or “changes” to the way we live. I did however make myself a promise, one to travel more this year and secondly to finally get this house into the home I have always wanted.

I’ve mentioned before how it isn’t in the best place, it isn’t the biggest but it is detached and is modern enough to have nice square rooms with no funny business so pretty much anything goes. We get flooded with light all year long but I have always decorated with what society has expected from a family. Instead I made a vow to decorate just the way I wanted.

In fairness this has been a challenge, fun but hard work finding the furniture from charity shops that is always hit and miss and finding wallpaper or paint that matches my vision. I began boldly with making over the downstairs loo. It is a tricky space as it has pipe work boxed in, it has a tiny sinking the smallest window but i wanted to add a nerdy look but with an expensive feel but with things we already had, I forgot to mention my budget for the whole house is practically zero!

We had some old star trek annuals that I had bought the husband a few christmases previous that had barely seen the light of day and thought these would make a great feature wall…



I have to say I wasn’t wrong! I love the look, it was a dream to put up, simply with wallpaper paste and it doesn’t look overpowering, it also makes great reading!

I had planned to leave it at that, just a feature wall and the rest staying white but I found a new love for deep strong colours whilst checking out pinterest so I made a little adjustment…



We had the plum left over from the tv wall in the lounge, the towel rack was an old one that used to be behind the front door for coats, the vintage mirror is about 4 years old and was bought on eBay for £3 and the cute rug was a few quid at tesco a few months back and i couldn’t find the perfect home for it.

I LOVE the space now! It hasn’t become a pram dumping ground again, it doesn’t feel cold and unloved anymore and even though the window is small it just bounces light around its almost magical!

It’s the perfect start to my end goal. What do you think? Would you be so bold in a small space?


Monday Musing

Monday Musing’s is where each week I’ll round up whats been on the blog, what I’ve bought, created or simply just enjoyed doing. I do hope you will all get involved and let me know what you have been doing as well.

It’s been a big week for Easter sales and I’ve grabbed myself some gorgeous pieces for an absolute steal.

I bagged this gorgeous H! by Henry Holland sweater for just £10.80 in the Debenhams Sale cos seriously it’s so not summer weather just yet!


And these real leather boots from ASOS for just £11.87


I also grabbed a brushed cotton Topshop lumber jack shirt and a New Look brown cord jacket for 99p each at the British Heart Foundation. Now I just need to bag those boyfriend fit tapered jeans I’ve been lusting after and I’m good to go!

I’ve found a new love for flamingo print and I had to have THOSE tumblers from ASDA, and at £2.50 I’d have been mental not to surely?!


Epic right?! In fact some of the new Home Ranges at ASDA are pretty epic, I’m digging this milk jug especially, retro chic!


Check out their nautical look, it’s to die for!

I’ve talked about Emmy Twenty, gorgeous ballet flats made from real leather and in loads of different styles, I styled my 3 fave pairs for summer, you can find the post here.

Ive also been seriously lusting after the new pieces at O’Neill. I love the surf style and I have a massive girl crush on Joss Stone, but hey who doesn’t! You can find the O’Neill styled post here.

A fine Choice have some gorgeous Easter gifts, all chocolate free which I’m fully on board with, you can find my top 3 picks here.

Not to forget the home, I love shelving and what Shelf Store offer is something really unique. Check them out and their awesome design wizard. See what I had to say about them here.

For all you cake lovers out there, I shared one of my fave recipes for pudding, Eve’s Pudding, go find it here.

I got my hands a little dirty and for Thrifty Thursday created something cute for the kids!

So all in all it’s been a busy week, I’ve enjoyed listing to music I had long forgotten about and polishing up my knitting skills. Next is to tackle crochet *yes this puts the fear of god in me!* I refuse to let it beat me and the amount of patterns I’ve been hoarding in the hope I’ll crack it is obscene and well most of them I NEED IN MY LIFE!

Oh and I’m hoping to soon be launching something fun on Instagram. I’m currently knitting like a mad lady to create a wide range of sizes and style of bow ties and hair slides for kiddies and grown ups too all just £2.50 each with a fixed postage costs of £1.80 no matter how many you order. Commissions are welcome 🙂 Drop me a line if you want to find out more.

So long for this week and catch you all on the other side! I’d really love to know what you guys have been upto, share below or via Twitter 🙂

Post 4 of handmade year

Yesterday i had the biggest blogging FAIL ever! i also did not make one thing handmade for myself, i did however get THE biggest bargains at a local factory seconds shop.
Last winter Monsoon had the most amazing khaki military coat and as much as i wanted it i couldn’t justify £80 for a coat and even after the winter the sale price wasn’t as attractive as i would of liked so i let that one go! But yesterday i found the most amazing Dorothy Perkins military coat which looks almost identical. As its a factory second it has missing buttons to the front but for the whacking £2 i paid for it I’m quite happy to spend the next 6 months trying to find a perfect match!!!
i also got a pair of Wallis navy linen trousers for £5, i think they are sized up wrong as they are a perfect fit but marked as a size 10.
A gorgeous pair of topshop military tapered leg trousers, in an off cream colour with turn ups. There is a small snag in the bum so need to find an ingenius way of fixing them. but for £4 they are WELL worth it!
Also a pair of black palazzo trousers also from topshop, the hemming has come undone on one leg but need turning up due to my sever lack of height anyway so for £5 I’m more than happy 🙂
We also popped into the charity shop on the way home from school and i got a crafted t-shirt for 50p, a vintage single sheet for £1, a school summer dress for Emma for £1.50 and lis bought a Pokemon annual and 2 figures for £1 oh and a pair of pink gap surf shorts for £1.50.
Was a very GOOD day for bargains!!


my 12 month handmade, pre-loved task

Lately I’ve been thinking… as you have probably gathered from my last few blog posts, that there must be more to this than throw away culture. I hate high street brands, big business and all things “normal”.
So I’ve decided to go on a 12 months handmade and pre-loved journey. I endeavour to hand make, up cycle, recycle clothes for me and the girls and buy only second hand, pre-worn, vintage and charity shop finds. This also goes for furniture and home accessories.
I also plan to home bake much more than i already do and only cook meals and snacks. No more fast food, take aways and crap. If i can make, grow, reuse it then i will!
Obviously theres things i cant avoid and will have to buy conveniences but from tomorrow (sat 21st may, which freakily is supposed to be some sort of apocalypse) i will be updating daily of the things i make, buy and reuse to cloth and feed us.
I’m hoping to take a lot from this. To see how well we cope without the things we take for granted, also i want THE coolest vintage home and this is a great way to point myself in the right direction. Theres nothing I’m yet to come across that cant be reused and remade into something amazing AND practical!
We have a stores full of clothes the girls have outgrown, but really its all just pre cut fabric ready to be remade into something that’s unique AND practical.
I just don’t want my kids growing into greedy so n so’s! They shouldn’t be concerned with the cost but that its a new (to them) toy or item of clothing!
we have a book self full of kids books that have been read to death! now how cool would it be to swap them for other books that they haven’t read yet!
Those old toys and games and even shoes and clothing that could be swapped and revamped to suit yourself. no need for cash to change hands just wonderfulness of knowing that item can be loved elsewhere!!
Would be cool to get a few of you lovely readers on board to… maybe do a swap once a month, everyone post the items on their blog they don’t want anymore and swap them with someone else that does want them.
After all if it is gonna be the zombie apocalypse tomorrow then money wont mean a thing!!

L x

oh and in all seriousness if you would be interested in a toy/clothes/furniture/recipe swap then pls get in touch and we can set up a list of all swappers