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Dettol Baby Blanket Donation

DBBD logo

Celebrity mum of two, Rachel Stevens, is calling out to parents to donate a blanket to the Dettol Baby Blanket Donation charity campaign to help families in need. For full details on how to donate please visit

You can see more about the campaign over on youtube, watch the video now and get involved

High Res Dettol Blanket


Cake for breakfast and other stories

Life is hard. This is no revelation and as a mother you kinda float through daily life on auto pilot forgetting, each day, a little of yourself, who you where before you created mini monsters that suck the joy out of a pee break.


I don’t know about you but I try and snatch the best of the day for myself, whether its an early morning dog walk with not a soul in sight and just bird song for company or that wedge slice of chocolate cake at 5am you are calling “breakfast” because no one else is up yet to use their disapproving glare on you and no tiny voices asking to share.

Now don’t get me wrong I love my children and Ive accomplished more as a mother than I ever did at anything else. It’s the longest I’ve ever stuck out the same job and its the longest (bar the husband) that I’ve spent with anyone else but with the responsibility of home education, a slightly neurotic dog and a pair of chickens with a people complex ( they strut into the kitchen like they bloody live here) it can all become a little overwhelming.


Then comes the “pact” to yourself that you are gonna change things, that something in your regimented lifestyle has to give. You vow to loose the cake gutt you have acquired after all the 5am cake breakfast starts or you pick a hobby you want to master or a fashion look you know will look killer on you even if it is chocolate smeared and covered in dog hairs but in all honesty you know its all in vain, within 48 hours all the gym goodies you bought have made their way onto eBay and that hair dye has come and gone and you are back to the same old comfy jeans and loose fitting tshirt.

So why do we do it to ourselves? Pile on the pressure to be more, have more, need more. Why can’t we simply just accept that motherhood and parenting is simply that first summer job you simply loved to hate. The first pay packet stuffed full of crisp notes all for you, giving you that freedom to do exactly what you wanted but with the deep seated notion that within 24 hours you are back to stripping down beds or flipping burgers and dealing with less than thankful customers. Yes parenting is a crappy summer job that lasts a lifetime!


But would we change it? No we probably wouldn’t, after all who’s going to teach these tiny people the joys of pj days, star wars marathons and cake for breakfast. Who’s going to explain that your birthday is the only day in the year you can do, eat and wear whatever the hell you want, that dressing up clothes are simply better than regular clothes and should be wore for all occasions and that blanket forts on a wet afternoon are what childhood is all about. Who cares about the washing up or that mountain of ironing when your children are belly laughing at their dad’s idea of pop culture and their tiny concentrating faces whilst whooping Grandma’s ass on Mario Kart. This, this is what we as parents should be striving for. Children never remember what it costs only how it made them feel, so feel through this job. Embrace the smiles, cry together over Doctor Who on Christmas Day and take the bad days with the good for one day these tiny people will be big people with tiny people of their own and they to will want to pass on the wisdom of pj days and cake for breakfast.

Break the convention, there’s no point being a grown up if you can’t be childish sometimes!


Monday Musing

Monday Musing’s is where each week I’ll round up whats been on the blog, what I’ve bought, created or simply just enjoyed doing. I do hope you will all get involved and let me know what you have been doing as well.

It’s been a big week for Easter sales and I’ve grabbed myself some gorgeous pieces for an absolute steal.

I bagged this gorgeous H! by Henry Holland sweater for just £10.80 in the Debenhams Sale cos seriously it’s so not summer weather just yet!


And these real leather boots from ASOS for just £11.87


I also grabbed a brushed cotton Topshop lumber jack shirt and a New Look brown cord jacket for 99p each at the British Heart Foundation. Now I just need to bag those boyfriend fit tapered jeans I’ve been lusting after and I’m good to go!

I’ve found a new love for flamingo print and I had to have THOSE tumblers from ASDA, and at £2.50 I’d have been mental not to surely?!


Epic right?! In fact some of the new Home Ranges at ASDA are pretty epic, I’m digging this milk jug especially, retro chic!


Check out their nautical look, it’s to die for!

I’ve talked about Emmy Twenty, gorgeous ballet flats made from real leather and in loads of different styles, I styled my 3 fave pairs for summer, you can find the post here.

Ive also been seriously lusting after the new pieces at O’Neill. I love the surf style and I have a massive girl crush on Joss Stone, but hey who doesn’t! You can find the O’Neill styled post here.

A fine Choice have some gorgeous Easter gifts, all chocolate free which I’m fully on board with, you can find my top 3 picks here.

Not to forget the home, I love shelving and what Shelf Store offer is something really unique. Check them out and their awesome design wizard. See what I had to say about them here.

For all you cake lovers out there, I shared one of my fave recipes for pudding, Eve’s Pudding, go find it here.

I got my hands a little dirty and for Thrifty Thursday created something cute for the kids!

So all in all it’s been a busy week, I’ve enjoyed listing to music I had long forgotten about and polishing up my knitting skills. Next is to tackle crochet *yes this puts the fear of god in me!* I refuse to let it beat me and the amount of patterns I’ve been hoarding in the hope I’ll crack it is obscene and well most of them I NEED IN MY LIFE!

Oh and I’m hoping to soon be launching something fun on Instagram. I’m currently knitting like a mad lady to create a wide range of sizes and style of bow ties and hair slides for kiddies and grown ups too all just £2.50 each with a fixed postage costs of £1.80 no matter how many you order. Commissions are welcome 🙂 Drop me a line if you want to find out more.

So long for this week and catch you all on the other side! I’d really love to know what you guys have been upto, share below or via Twitter 🙂

Thrifty Thursday – socks to leg warmers

This Thrifty Thursday I’m bringing you a quick and easy tutorial to turn old socks into cute little leg warmers, alternatively make them for yourself instead of the little folk.

You will need at least 4 pairs of worn out socks, then cut the foot part out, like this.


You then need to place them right asides together and inside each other, like this:


Then on the fabric edge, NOT the cuffs, you need those to stop the leg warmers falling down, you need to sew them together. You can sew by hand or on a machine just remember that its a stretchy jersey so don’t pull them out of shape whilst sewing.


I used a mix of one of worn out socks but you might want them to match. Once sewn together they would look like this:


Do the same with another pair and you are good to go!


My girls love wearing these, they aren’t to heavy but help to keep legs toasty when out n about and best of all they are total one offs!

The same method can be applied if you want to use an old jumper or cardigan sleeves to make leg warmers, simply cut out the sleeves and then hem the raw edge.


And this is what they look like on!


Perfect for little legs in the winter.

I’d love to see what you guys come up with.


Organix Toddler Meals – Review

We have had the privilege of reviewing Organix Toddler Meals on several occasions over the years and they never disappoint.


The new additions consisting of soups and Mighty Meals is a real bonus for us. I have 3 very fussy eaters and at those times when I’m cooking something that not all of them will eat Organix come to my rescue, riding in on a white horse  *swoons*.


They are quick and easy to prepare, just a minute in the microwave,  and even though they are considered ready meals I know what I’m putting inside them is only going to do them good. They are perfect for taking to restaurants  or to friends when I know they are gonna be fussy about whats on offer. Some of them can even be eaten cold, which for very impatient little people is a major selling point.

My youngest has never been convinced these style of children’s meals, she’s more of a chicken nugget  kinda girl, but our middle daughter loves them to bits! She loves having the opportunity to choose her own meal and I know the portion size is just right and there are none of those nasties loitering about inside. We are yet to come across one that she doesn’t like!

The new fruit gummies where a massive hit, even with my 9 year old! Let’s just say they didn’t see out the day.



They are all big fans of  real fruit gummies and these are no exception! Full of flavour and kind to little bods you can’t go wrong. And a reassuring smile there from the Soil Association.

Organix have done it again with their wide range of choice and new additions, thumbs up from all here!

If you want to check out Organix new range of Todder Meals and snacks you can find them all here .

*All the meals where provided free of charge but all opinions are my own*


Children’s Summer Style

Children's Summer Style

Gorgeous summer style with Clarks and Little Shrimp, makes me feel all summery and lovely!
L x


Baby’s First Calender is one of the most ingenious baby gifts I’ve come across in a long time.  Its a fully customisable baby’s first year calender where you can add photos, personal info, you can add dates and milestones and it even has an integrated baby thermometer.

 This amazing calender arrives in a corrugated printed cardboard tube, that has been made from recycled products no less, and gives you the basic info of whats inside. There are contact details and product details along with lovely pictures and photos.

 The Gorgeous woodland characters are so cute and really bring this calendar alive. The simple room thermometer is  a life saver with young babies, i wouldn’t be without one with a young baby now. Its so easy to let them get to hot and this will give you peace of mind.

The stickers provided give you the months of the year so you can place them to fit your babies birth etc. The cute little milestone stickers are a real treat and the boxes are plenty big enough for you to write your own appointments or milestones.

There are two places along the bottom for your own photos and babies birth details, on the other side is baby at 1 years old.

Its not just practical but its a keepsake to map your new babies first year of life. They grow so fast those special milestones are often forgotten in a haze of sleepless nights and projectile vomit.  It’s the perfect gift for that mum and dad to be or just a gorgeous keepsake for yourself to look back on when they are 16 and wonder where the time went. Any parent to be should not be without one of these awesome calenders. I just wish something of this size and simplicity was available when my girls where younger, they all would of had one!
You can buy yours now direct from or contact @BabyCalendars on twitter for more info.

One lucky reader can win this amazing baby keepsake… all you have to do is tell me why you think you deserve to win and follow @babycalendars to be entered to win! Winner chosen at random at Friday 11th March.