Do you love your bedroom?

pic 1

Bedrooms mean different things for different people and a lot of that depends on age. In my teenage years, my bedroom was my haven, it was covered in posters and caged my love of music and binge watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer! It was rarely shared with friends and was my own kind of organised chaos.

Being an artist at heart makes the bedroom a very unique place to put your stamp, now with three children, a husband and a wayward cat to share it with makes it hard for me to blend practicality with the boho charm i long to lounge in whiling away the hours in a good book.

pic 2

It’s always a challenge blending simplicity with vibrant colour as well as making sure our own little paradise is comfy, cosy and a joy to be in.

In keeping with my budget makeover challenge our bedroom hasn’t gone unchanged. With a mix match of furniture, some vintage some modern in a wide range of hand painted colours, a larger than life tv and a boho inspired patchwork wallpaper wall its still my own kind of organised chaos.

pic 3

It’s hard to pin point just one thing I love the most about this room, but it isn’t the window size, its cavonous and a nightmare to dress, it isn’t the plush bedstead or the bird print wardrobe but the people I share it with, the small feet that climb in on a Sunday morning, the cat that lays content upon my forehead and the batman duvet stealing husband which I believe to be a bed hog!

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