Frozen Tutu’s with The Dressing up Chest


Christmas is fast approaching, it’s something terrifying like 9 saturdays away, 9 SATURDAYS!!!! * faints*

Frozen is still a massive THING, yes I personally know it well, 2 of my 3 girls are slightly obsessive about all the pretty things and even though I’m not the girlies of girls I totally get it.  The film portrays lovely moral values, no men in shining armour to save the day, it’s Spice Girls Girl Power all over again!

Now I’m sure you have all seen some of the stunning replica dresses doing the rounds along with some of the not so special along with the shockingly horrifying price tags and with the big day fast approaching I’m sure you are all scrimping to afford that Frozen attire.

While scouring the internet for these prized possessions try checking out the wonderfully lovely The Dressing up Chest. It’s crammed to the internet rafters with beautifully handmade outfits for your little people. Anything from Red Riding Hood to Little Miss Muffet and everything in between and all at purse friends prices for the quality you receive.


I was very lucky in getting the opportunity to review one of her very new and very special Frozen Tutu’s before they hit the store. Delivery was seamless and the Tutu was beautifully wrapped and very well packaged. Something that I find very important when shopping online, especially at Christmas time.

It truly was a magical experience for my then 4 year old when unwrapping her new Tutu, she was literally bursting with excitement! The Tutu did nothing to disappoint, it was beautifully made, the tulle was lovely and stiff and really full and the beautiful additions of snow flakes and a double bow to the front really finished off the whole piece. I had to literally crowbar it off my daughter and she really takes great care with it. It goes away into the box it came in every time she is done playing with it. And you know little folk, they are hardly the most tidiest of the peoples!



So what are you crazy internet Christmas shoppers waiting for? Make a child’s christmas truly magical this year with The Dressing Up Chest.


*The Frozen Tutu was sent to me free of charge for a review, all opinions are my own*


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