What happens when…

Our lives are now all online, computer stored and automated. Whether we like it or not we are on the receiving end of not being in control of what happens with our online presence.

Our bank account was hacked this week and its not just left me feeling violated and angry but suddenly realising that I have somehow ended up with all my personal info online, and quite honestly not through choice.

I am always very careful about what info I subject to the world, I never pass on personal info unless compleatly necessary and I make all my payments through Paypal for security, yet it managed to happen anyway.

I was overwhelmed with an instinctual response to delete all my online life, all social media and yes even my blog. I am still completely undecided about this process,  it would heed well with my simplify my life challenge I am currently undergoing and would make me feel that little less violated/ spied on but how easy is it to get through daily life without using the internet at all?

Last weeks challenge was to do our grocery shopping without going to a supermarket, let’s just say that didn’t quite as I had hoped so is life liveable without it being online? Can you pay bills, socialise, research and generally mooch about without it being plastered all over your social media or saved into an exercise app?

Yet within my lifetime there was a time when there was no internet, no social media, and no automation in our lives. We made friends, we shopped, we made plans and paid bills, so how did it come to this? How did we manage to move everything inside into the dark and left real life sitting out in the cold?

I want to write letters not emails, I want to shop somewhere where they know my name and know what I buy, I want to swap what we grow or make with others that do the same, I want to see my friends on the street and have a good old natter, my God I want to be a 50s housewife!!

So what happens when you aren’t quite content ?



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