Thrifty Thursday

I haven’t done a Thrifty Thursday for a while now, purely because I haven’t had the time to do this projects I have laying around waiting to be finished. but whilst tidying up this morning I noticed a whole string was missing from my wooden bearded curtain *shakes fist at the dog*

Well after spending some time online trying to find a replacement i realised I could fix it myself and make it unique. A few of the bamboo beads where missing on other strings also so this is what I did..


I took a rogue ball of wool that I knew there wasn’t enough to make anything else with and plated it into the string that holds all the beads together, filling the gaps as I went. I really love how its turned out, the natural colours compliment the bamboo and it has a very bohemian look about it, what do you think?


With the spare wool I added some strings to a paper shade that I had laying around, I have seen this look on Pinterest a few times and always loved it, you can’t really see from the photo but because the space is so vast above the stairs it gives a feeling of the space being filled which makes the space feel more ‘cosy’..


Very simple, not time consuming crafts that don’t cost a penny that anyone can do!

What do you have laying around you could bring back to life?



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