De-Cluttering and not just the bedroom


It’s  trendy now to live a minimal lifestyle, not just for our interiors but our life as well but what happens before the de-cluttering when you feel like you are drowning beneath your unwanted possessions and filed emotions and the fear of dealing with it is overwhelming?

Well I can’t speak for everyone but for me it started with being ruthless. If I hadnt used it in 6 months, worn it or even looked upon it in that time scale it was destined for either eBay or the charity shop. And it isn’t for vanity or to “fit in” which now apparently is a mental illness, who knew none conformity was an illness, christ all the really interesting people thoughout the history of the world have been mental, I guess I should be proud to be part of the club!

No, for me its simply that I’m at a point in my life where I’m so time poor from trying to run the blog full time, teaching the girls, doing our yearly decorating and sprucing and my pangs of creativity and my aspirations to start up a business again then the minute I look up from whatever ‘job’ I’m in the middle of I see the mass of destruction all around and quite frankly I really don’t want to deal with it! I basically want to scoop it all into a black bag and pretend it never happened to begin with. Thing is its a long drawn out process and well frankly it gets much much worse before it gets better.

Next step is head space, I need to clear our those old “friends” that I haven’t spoke to in years and cut back my screen time, its not just the kids that benefit from getting outside and going wild at the park.  It’s one step at a time towards my rainbow coloured life ideal, granted it won’t be a beach front log cabin with no internet access or tv or that little small holding in the hills but its a start, maybe with less in my life I’d have more will to get to that place.

What would you happily cut from your life right now? (and no cheating and saying the husband or the mother in law ;))


2 thoughts on “De-Cluttering and not just the bedroom

  1. Good point on clearing headspace . Just the other day I remarked as to how we save so much time with our smartphones and other gadgets, only to plug more activities into the free time. I have to stop!!!

    1. We are all guilty of networking when we should be switching off to spend time in a book or with family. Technology is an important part of society right now but without a real life to go back to whats the point?

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