Design your own shelving with Shelf Store

I’m a little partial to shelves. There’s something satisfying to seeing your well loved possessions sitting comfortably in a space you have created just for them and it no longer becomes clutter but a cute display.

Living in a modern home there is very little floor space for cabinets and free standing furniture and often the spaces you are left with are odd shapes, well this is where Shelf Store really stands out from the crowd.


Instead of just buying all that flat pack shelving you can literally tailor make something to fit into the space you have. Now for me this is a big deal. They also don’t have to be floor standing, you can make wall hanging shelves to suit as well. They have literally thought of everything from height and width of each to shelf as well as depth.

Their website is crammed with info, sizing guides, free brochures and samples, and a very interesting design wizard so you can plan out the shelving you require and get an off the cuff quote for what you need. For a little more about how the process works stop by and check them out online.


Of course there is pre built shelving to for those that aren’t space strapped or when something ‘ off the peg’ will work. Not everyone has a small library spread around the house in every spare space or box files stacking up on the kitchen table crying out for a home of their own.

Go on give the design wizard a go, you may just find you NEED that tailor built library after all!!


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