Sloppy Joes

For my first EVER Foody Friday post I thought I’d jump in with a family favourite of ours which is sloppy joes. Some of you may not of heard of it, its an American dish consisting mainly of mince, so this can be made for vegetarians with a mince substitute like Quorn.



500g of Mince ( this will feed 5 of us with a little spare for burritos for the day after so you may want to only use half or just get a 250g pack )

Handful of Mushrooms

An onion

Peppers (Any colour is fine)

Garlic Powder

BBQ sauce




Chop up the veg and fry it off in a pan with some oil.

Add the mince, whilst this is browning add 2 tsp of garlic powder and mix in

In a small bowl or a jug with cup measurements on put half and half of the BBQ sauce and Ketchup and mix together.

Once the mince and veg are cooked to your liking, stir in the sauce.

Once all the meat and veg is covered turn the heat down to simmer and allow to do so for approx 20 mins.

This could also be made in a slow cooker.

Serve with chips and garlic bread, or in buns as a deconstructed burger, or however you fancy it. Our fave is with potato wedges and garlic bread.


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