Eisberg Non Alcoholic Wine

I am not a drinker, never have been and wine has never been high up on my list of likes. However my husband likes a drink every now and then and his tipple of choice is a nice red wine, however he doesn’t enjoy the morning after he’s managed to polish off a bottle.

Eisberg however, solves that problem. Its non alcoholic AND low in calories. Thats a win win right there before I even tell you about it!

We where sent a resling (white) and a cabernet sauvignoun (red) to try out.  Chardonay and rose are also available. Eisberg alcohol-free wine is made in exactly the same way as your favourite wine, but with one difference. At the end of the process the alcohol is gently removed using one of the world’s most advanced processes, leaving all of the flavours of the wine, but none of the alcohol

New Eisberg range

Not being a big wine drinker myself I was unsure of what to expect. Ive always found white wine to taste harsh until you have had half a bottle then there is no going back, however the Eisberg was smooth and surprisingly really tasty! There was no harsh after taste yet I still felt as though I was drinking alcohol. I didn’t feel bloated after a glass and I didn’t have to worry about a hangover with a 5am start with 3 kids and a mental dog.

My husband thoroughly enjoyed his bottle of red and managed to polish off the whole thing in one evening. He’s even added it to our shopping list, for him this ticks all the boxes and I don’t have to worry about the price or an expanding waist line. Retailing at just £3.50 a bottle, totalling 24-33 calories per serving and available in major supermarkets like Asda and Waistrose there is no reason why you shouldn’t be trying this out for yourself.

For all you dinner party lovers I have a recipe for Alcohol-free Sangria, perfect for get  togethers where everyone enjoys a drink but children are present.


3 parts Eisberg Red wine

1 part orange juice

2 parts lemonade

Sliced fruit

Fresh Mint


Mall all the ingredients together in a large jug, leaving some of the mint and fruit aside for garnish.

Pour into glasses, add garnish of your choice and ENJOY!





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