Breo Bag Buddy – Review


Have you ever been in one of those situations where you really need to know the time but your watch is hidden under 7 layers of sub thermal wear and you can’t get to your photo with your massive glove covered hands? Well, The New Breo Bag Buddy is exactly the thing for you.

It comes in 4 colours, mint, purple, navy and black. So there is a colour to suit everyone. I chose the mint, as you can see its pretty awesome! The screen is small but the display is lovely and bright and the numbers are perfectly sized.



The packaging is epic, they come in this tiny little box with full paper instructions and a little carry pouch to keep it safe when not in use. I was literally SO excited to get it opened, I was like a small child!

I attached mine to my bag and surprisingly I do actually use it when I’m out. I have always worn a watch but if my hands are full of tiny people hands or shopping it’s not easy to reach up your coat sleeve to find your watch or to search around your coat pocket for your  phone and I am always terrified of dropping it when using with my gloves so this was PERFECT for glacing at the time. It isn’t intrusive when on your bag as its super light and bendy thanks to the  soft touch rubber case.  It’s also waterproof so no need to worry when caught out in a downpour. I have also used it on our pushchair handle, it fits snug but means I can point it up and I can simply glance to the handle to grab the time should we be in a rush to somewhere, who isn’t in a rush when you have 3 kids! And all this for just £15!  Sadly it doesn’t survive to well up against puppies…



I literally CRIED when I went to check the time and found my beloved Breo chewed to bits.

You can buy them direct from Breo Here along with some seriously awesome watches, I think this is my fave!

Which colour would you choose?

Liz x

*The Breo Bag Buggy was sent to me for free. All opinions are my own*



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