WetPets Review

First off I’ll let you know a little about the brand in question, WetPets.


This range of gorgeous swimwear and matching armband covers are made from only the highest quality fabric and designed to endure the effects of water, sun, salt and chlorine meaning your little one can enjoy their stylish ensemble over and over again!

However WetPets covers were not purely designed for aesthetic purposes. By using WetPets your little one will find their armbands far more comfortable, covering those itchy seams that often cause irritation to delicate skin. Ensuring your little swimmer is distinguishable in a large crowded pool, the covers also mean you are able to keep an eye on their safety at all times! Not only are WetPets fun to wear, they are also extremely practical, designed to keep your little ones safe whilst they’re having fun in and around the water. And there are sets for both boys and girls.

You can find them here until the 24th Feb http://www.wauwaa.com/shop/wetpets

When I was given the opportunity to road test one of these gorgeous sets I was overjoyed. I had checked them out on the Wauwaa website and couldn’t believe how stunning they where, I have never seen swim sets like them and over the years we have been through many. Having 3 daughters of varying ages we have tried literally everything from one piece’s to tankinis.

2014-02-19 13.42.05

When the set arrived I was really surprised by the feel of the materials used, often swimsuits  have rough edges and sharp stitching and never look comfortable to wear, however the WetPets is beautifully soft inside and out. There is plenty of give but with enough support around the chest to stop movement when in the water. The armband covers are a beautiful addition to the set, not just because they are pretty but with safety in mind you know you will never loose sight of your little one in the pool.

2014-02-19 13.31.17


My daughter is tall but very slim and the fit was delightful on her. She was comfortable and looked so beautiful prancing around in her new swimsuit, she’s eager to get in the water now where before she was still a little unsure. Goes to show pretty things can often change a girls outlook on things.

There is a massive range of styles on the WauWaa website for you to drool over, sizes run from newborn to 7 years and prices start from just £15. Which set would you choose?

L xx

*The WetPet swimsuit and armband covers where sent to me free of charge, all opinions are my own*

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