Homemade Dog Food



When we decided to adopt a puppy it was a massive step and just like having children we talked about everything from the name to what food to give to her.

We rescued this little bundle of joy 4 months ago now and have finally moved onto raw and homemade dog food, well I say dog food but its not really its just food. All fresh and healthy with no fillers and all that junk they stuff into pet food and then charge you a pretty penny for.

I add a good mix of fruit and veg along with a good cut of meat or fish and she’s thriving on it. On the dog food she would often leave some, at almost every meal and her pooh’s where as big as a small elephant! Don’t get me wrong she isn’t a small dog, akita x pointer but blimey!

After some reading into a raw food diet I found that it was purely because that dog food is stuffed with junk that the body can’t use where as with a raw food diet there is very little that the body can’t use keeping you pooch in the best of health and with small land mines to clean away, double win in my opinion!

So for this recipe I have used potatoes, carrots, liver, pasta and an apple.



I chopped it all up into small pieces along with some gravy and put it into the slow cooker on low. Just like making a casserole for yourself, just leave it in there for a few hours and bobs your uncle, enough food for a few days. As it’s fresh it keeps well or you could make even larger batches and freeze it to save yourself more time. Not to mention it costs pennies instead of pounds per meal. The pack of liver was enough for a full weeks worth of meals and was only 74p.



Some other lovely things to give to your pooch are cous cous with tuna, rice with steak or mince and mash. Do stay clear of onions, grapes and raisins, chocolate, nuts and xylitol which is often used as a natural sweetener.

All pet dogs are derived from wolves, they even have the same digestive system so whatever is good for wolves is great for your dog, lets keep those pooches happy and healthy!


Nala wants to know when lunch time is now! Can you blame her.

*if you are uncertain as to whether a natural diet is good for your dog please contact a vet first and gain as much info as possible before making the switch*

L xx





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