Health and Fitness Education – Pilates Instructor Review

I was overwhelmed when I was lucky enough to be invited to take part in the HFE Pilates Instructor Blogger Challenge.

I recently took up yoga and I thoroughly enjoy it and I have been looking into taking a course so I can become a certified children’s instructor and with Pilates sharing a lot of the same ethos and techniques I was literally ready to pop.

When the student manual arrived I couldn’t wait to jump in and start reading, it’s glossy and wasn’t to daunting to open, nothing worse than a massive book to put you off starting!



I couldn’t resist having an initial flick through and was really surprised at how in-depth the manual is for a correspondence course and lack of book weight,  it covers everything from posture to workout phases and how to teach classes.

It provides all the necessary information to get yourself accredited to teach Pilates and provides you with the medical forms that you require to hand to anyone wanting to take a class, it covers all the bases and if you think you need to know it it’s defiantly in there.

I am currently deep into the posture section and I am eager to crack on through, I just hope I can remember it all!


Life generally gets in the way of all the good stuff but I plan to sit down on Sunday and make some real head way, I bought a notebook for taking notes and everything!!! It also knocks another thing off this years Resolution List, I’m doing well so far and it’s only February!!

If you are also interested in taking a Training Course in Health and Fitness I would highly recommend HFE, go check them out and what they can offer you.

L xx

*All instructor materials have been supplied to me free of charge from HFE*



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