Boho Beauty with Fanny Crown

I love taking part in these Blogger challenges, it gives me an opportunity to spend some time on Polyvore. It’s one of those guilty pleasures that I basically just don’t have time to indulge in on daily basis AND getting to work along side Fanny Crown and their truly stunning dresses it was a real pleasure to let my creativity take over and create a unique style for one of my favourite gowns.

I chose this cream, boho look gown. I was literally spoilt for choice and I added a good boat loads of gowns to choose from to my Polyvore account. But when I originally saw this one it took my breath away. Its simple and elegant and truly a head turner.  It’s a beautiful colour that could be worn in any situation yet has a unique look that will really bring out your personality when you wear it. It has a very classic cut, hugging the figure perfectly but it is also playful with the lace detailing to the bodice. It also brings sexy back with the stunning cut to the back of the dress  and it’s floor length to practically make you look as if you are floating. There is nothing not to love about this dress, it also nods to vintage and with some red lipstick and killer heals this dress would take on a completely new persona.

Go on, dazzle with this cute yet sophisticated boho look…



I tried to allow the dress to take centre stage with this look, no one remembers what shoes you wore but they will always remember the dress!

The cute flats and beautifully embellished and are from Oasis, comfortable, practical but beautiful!

The pearl bag by Marciano really emphasises the vintage styling to this dress yet matches beautifully.

The stacking rings add texture and playfulness to the look and unleashed your inner boho babe.

The over sized Oliver Burton watch from Topshop adds a touch of masculinity to the look, enhancing the boho vibe whilst being true to the classic look and colour of the dress.

I’d style the hair in a loose boho curl with a beautiful handmade head piece like this one from Etsy its not only boho but  vintage as well.

Make up I would keep neutral to allow all the beautiful accessories and that stunning dress make you shine, like this palette from Bobbi Brown.

Now I just wish I was getting married or attending a glamorous party to be able to take full advantage of this look.

A massive thank you goes to Fanny Crown for allowing me to take part in their Competition.

If you to want to get involved you can here it’s really simple to get involved.


All you need to do is pick your favorite look out of our dresses collection and publish an original, creative, unique post with a description why you have picked that dress, why you like that style, which trend you love and which occasion you would wear it.

Tips: These are merely ideas to help you create articles with good content and graphic. If you have your own idea of creating an article, do it your way is always the best option.

  • A terrific title like: “your blog name” loves/endorses/hates/crazy about/crash on/falling in love with/ (or any other cool verb) Fanny Crown.

How you styled your outfit around a particular dress. Matching our dresses with other products (shoes, purses, cosmetic products etc). provides a great tool to create such images.


  • The blog post has at least 1 link pointing to our website: Either it’s our home page, blog or product page of the dress you have purchased.
  • At least 500 words.


Win a voucher for any of your future purchase and a chance to win a FREE dress! We are sure there will be events in your life that our dresses could do the magic on you:

  • 1 x Gold Prize: Write an article on any dress and get a chance to win the dress free of charge, shipping fee included!
  • 3 x Bronze Prize: Win a 100€ voucher for exceptionally written articles.
  • Unlimited x Qualified Articles: Get a 50€ voucher for any qualified articles. We have up to 97% approval rate.

If you would like to share the same benefit to your readers, please do not hesitate to let us know and we could offer discount up to 15% (limited time only) with a coupon code for your readers.

Please send your request to

How do we evaluate:

  • Content quality: Make sure it’s original and unique. Details are all that matters. We like it when the they are mind-boggling, intriguing, intense, insane, cheerful, fascinating, astonishing, bewitching … Be creative!
  • Referral traffic: When multiple content are equally good, we also look at the number of visitors to our website.


Where do I submit my article:

  • Please send your article to with the subject “Blogger Contest from [your blog name]”
  • Closing date for article submission is the last day of each month.

The winners will be announced on the 5th of each month.

Happy Blogging and wish me luck!

L xx


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