Baking Sunday

Sunday has always been baking Sunday in our house but of late Ive been preoccupied with well… i dunno but that’s my excuse anyway!! so today i kind of made up for it, i mean you cant have to much cake can you??

First is Jayne’s award (my award!!) winning cookies (recipe on the blog), i used strawberry shavings and marshmallows this time for an extra gooey biscuit…
Then i made up a cupcake mix, this recipe can also be found on the blog, somewhere lol , but thought id have a go at some mini cupcakes but i made to much mix!
So with the extra left over mix i decided to make a cake, dropped some caramel and chocolate spread onto the top of the mix hoping for a swirly cake, they sank! so lets hope its marbled inside!
And yes i will need bigger jeans after eating all these!! lol good job i have mini ppl to help 😉
L x

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