post 1.1 of handmade year

About a year ago i bought this beautiful chiffon black slouch jacket from our local steals. it is a topshop one, size 6 but it had terrible split seams where the delicate fabric hadn’t caught properly while it was being stitched, it was a whopping £2 and i figured, i can sort that in five Min’s so off i popped to pay!
When i got it home i noticed that they was much more damaged than i originally thought so  i accepted defeat and it ended up in the back of my wardrobe with the rest of my “to do” list.
After altering a load of kids clothes to fit the next one down i figured ill see what i can do, and five Min’s later (as i predicted!!) and a good iron and it now looks like this!

and here it is in all its glory. it has 3/4 length sleeves, huge pockets and has the cutest tuxedo collar. Ive styled it with a little gold tone vintage umbrella brooch i got on eBay for 99p.
now i just need a FABULOUS event to go to to wear it!

L x


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