Featuring…. Blackpool Upmarket

I stumbled across this awesome concept whilst pleading for help on twitter earlier today. I couldn’t help but ask to feature the lovely Jo Murray on my humble blog to spread the word to all Lancashire crafters.
So over now to Jo for some little background info:

Basically I’ve spent the past 2 years travelling & working around SE Asia and Australia, and while I was in Oz I realised that there were a lot more opportunities for high quality crafters than there are in Lancashire – and as a result the small businesses were reaching a wider audience and getting a better turnover from their wares than is possible just from going it alone. So, I spoke to a few crafty pals when I got back and decided to create Blackpool Upmarket, with the first phase being the website where crafters, designers etc can show off their goods for free. The second phase is a series of markets & pop up shops around Lancashire. My working background is sales & marketing, so I’m hoping to use those skills to develop a big network of artisans & then put on some great events!

Blackpool Upmarket is where it is seriously at right now so get yourself over there and have a peak…. Jo is defiantly one to watch for the future and I’m so glad to be on board, hope to see you there!!

L xx


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