what i do..

As not all my loverly followers, follow me on twitter and such you may not be aware of the pretty things i create so i have decided to pop on some pics of my lovely designs. feel free to go to any of my stores or email me to order direct:

this beauty is my current best seller

i love nautical! so stylish n perfect for summer

i love quirky charms made from things that arent jewelery

acrylic has to be my fave medium right now

tho everyone loves vintage 🙂

paris!! what else is there to say

i love handcrafted charms

another fabulous handmade rose

this beautiful crochet hearts supplied by @loves2crochetuk

hello sailor!!!

there agin with the funky kitsch!
Now you have a general idea of my style stop by and pick a fabulous gift for urself or someone u love! i love custom orders and right now are my speciality so drop me a line and we can design something amazing! All themes and events catered for including weddings.
Professional photography supplied by @shotbylucy, a fabulous girl and a real artist! shes brought the beauty to life in her shots and gorgeous crochet provided by @loves2crochetuk!
If you have a craft youd like to have featured or made into soemthing special get in touch id love to work with you!!
thanks for reading guys!! L xx

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